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Hello there! Welcome to EDO! It is our pleasure to bring to you the largest and most happening oils community on the web! Here at you’ll find that every tool, resource, and trick of the trade is as accessible as physically conceivable!

Our enthusiastic team has carefully sorted, studied, stockpiled, scraped up, and spied out every concern, desire, question and need that our friends (essential oils veterans and newbies) could possibly have.  We are dedicated to this community and work hard every day to make sure it is meeting your needs no matter what phase of the oils lifestyle you might be in—especially if you’re just getting started. Please take a tour, wander the site and check out the custom oils community we’ve built for YOU.  This fantastic site is built with two easily navigated hubs of action:

The EDO Home Page and The IPC Corner

On these pages you will find dozens of devices for your pleasure and assistance. Additionally, this community enjoys an endless amount of interaction, discussion, and team building through using our forums, groups, and networking features.