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Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 8.21.49 PMIn this class we will be going over how essential oils can bring be real savings and benefit to your family.
What essential oils are, where they come from and the old wisdom that still proclaims their usage.
Why essential oils are so much more usable than the herbs themselves and more powerful. A simple yet often missed topic.
How we use essential oils in my family, and what they have done in our time of need.
The issues with western medicine and how essential oils are a safer, cheaper, and more effective solution.
The shocking correlation between morphine and natural medicine. An inspiring story that shows the effectiveness of oils.
What drug companies don’t want you to know about their synthetic drugs.
How essential oils support the body’s many functions.
The 3 ways to apply essential oils to the body. The 3rd just may surprise you!
How to give your medicine cabinet a makeover!Which essential oils I recommend starting out with!
How I find a balance when using essential oils to get the best of both worlds — to benefit my family AND save money!
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